Breanna Jayne - fly with me & my horses

Breanna started trick riding at 10 years old when she attended a clinic in New South Wales while her family were on a holiday. Since then, she has trained all her trick horses and has been performing at rural and regional shows since 2010. These shows include action packed trick riding and liberty horsemanship performances.

No two performances are the same!

Liberty Horsemanship and Trick Riding Shows

Together with her team members, Breanna performs two separate acts - liberty and trick riding performances - with her horses. She has wowed many crowds across Queensland and NSW.

The spectacular liberty acts showcase the trust between horse and trainer, while he trick riding performances involve dare devil stunts from the back of galloping horses. Learn more...

Roman riding performance
Trick riding kids clinics

Horsemanship Clinics for Kids

Building children’s confidence is Breanna's main goal! Her clinics include working with children and horses to build confidence and grow a bond between horse and rider. Her clinics include all riding levels and encourages team building. Learn more...

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