Breanna Cook grew up in Monto, Qld, where her parents own a beef cattle property and run a small Brangus stud (‘Karingal Brangus’). Breanna enjoyed all aspects of rural life and started riding at an early age. Her love for horses and determination to achieve with them was evident also from a young age. With her family, she competed in local camp drafts, show challenges and other events.

Breanna attended a trick riding clinic at 10 years old and became hooked on this sport. A little different to what she had been brought up with, but was determined to train her mustering and camp drafting horses to become fancy trick riding horses. She has trained many along the way and her current trick riding team involves three horses.

For year 11 work experience, Breanna worked with Scott Finlayson. This introduced her to the art of Liberty and opened a whole new concept for her. She came home determined to train her mustering/camp drafting horses to become liberty horses.

Her first Liberty horse was ‘Scooter’, was 2 years old at the time and broken in for six months. With what she was shown and her determination they performed together for an audience 3 months later (whilst also completing grade 11 at school). That was only the start of her journey with shows, now performing for shows around Queensland each year.

After graduating year 12, Breanna chose to take a gap year to hone her horsemanship skills and focus on her horses without the distraction of school. That year was a great opportunity for Breanna to grow with her horses and at the end of that year she landed a job with Dan and Pia Steers from Double Dan Horsemanship. This opportunity gave her many new ideas and new projects to work on with her own horses.

Breanna also enjoys working with young ones and is passionate about passing on her knowledge and encouraging kids to dream big! Breanna holds Kids Horsemanship clinics where she teaches basic trick riding, general horsemanship and confidence building on and around horses.